magnifyingglass (1)Compound Database Service (CDS) offers structure search capability on your company website in conjunction with easy-to-use shopping cart solution. It provides your customers with a quick and easy way to find products in your catalog from any device (PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone, Android tablet/phone, etc.). CDS data management console allows you to edit your catalog and manage customer orders and inquires online.

Key Features

  • CDS management web site to import your compounds to hosted database
  • Add, edit or delete products and packages
  • Integrate structure search box to your website
  • Receive notification of new orders or inquiries via email
  • CDS website to manage and process your orders


  • Advanced structure and chemical identifier search on your website.
  • Integrated shopping cart and product inquiry.
  • Cross-platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad/iPhone, Android tablets/phones, Chromebook.
  • Cheminformatics package to draw, edit and manage chemical structures.
  1. Convert name (IUPAC name, CAS #, Trade name, SMILES, InChI) into structures
  2. Import/export ChemDraw, ISIS/Draw and Marvin files
  3. Batch import SDF files
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